Military Verification Inquiry

Part I - Certificate of Military Service

Go to
            Click Family Law Forms (under self-help)

Search for Military Service | 12.912 Forms A – B

             (a) Memorandum for Certificate of Military Service
            You must print out the attached form and send to each branch of the military listed on the instruction page of                   this handout.

             *you may be charged a service fee by each military service branch for its response. Please refer to the websites, e-mail addresses, and/or phone numbers listed on the hand out for help in determining the amount of each military’s branch fee and verify its current mailing address.

              File each response with your case.


            (b) Affidavit of Military Service
                        Complete this form and file it with your case.

Part II - Military Verification of Service

Go to

Go to the SEARCH bar in the top right corner and type in “VERIFICATION OF MILITARY SERVICE”

Click “Verification of Military Service

This will take you to SCRA website.
            Click “Single Records Request”

Impute Respondent’s Information

Print Status report on Active Duty Status

File with case