Department Of Revenue/Child Support Enforcement Motions

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 Motion to Contest Suspension of Drivers License Checklist (PDF)
Checklist (Word)
 Motion to Contest Suspension of Professional License Checklist (PDF)
Checklist (Word)
 Motion to Correct DRD Records Checklist (PDF)
Checklist (Word)
 Motion to Lift Bank Levy Checklist (PDF)
Checklist (Word)
 Motion to Reinstate Drivers License Checklist (PDF)
Checklist (Word)
 Motion Requesting Audit of Child Support Records Checklist (PDF)
Checklist (Word)

*Due to the complexity of the cases the following Motions can only be provided after seeing a case manager*

- Motion for Abatement of Child Support
- Motion for Income Deduction Order
- Motion to Cease Child Support
- Motion to Establish Child Support Arrears
- Motion to Request for Extension of Child support
- Motion to Vacate Child Support Order and Request New Hearing
- Motion to Vacate Judgement and Certificate of Delinquency
- Petition for Superseding Child Support Order
- Petition for Superseding Child Support Order with Timesharing 

You may be selecting an incorrect checklist & form.

Make sure that you consult with a case manager prior to completing any of the forms.