Emergency Preparedness

In the case of an emergency, the Home Page for the Fourth Judicial Circuit will provide information and updates.
In the event that the Home Page cannot be updated, please access the Florida State Courts Emergency Preparedness Link for important information about Florida’s State Courts.
Although Court facilities may be forced to close during hurricanes or other disasters, it is the goal of the Fourth Judicial Circuit to ensure that no person is deprived of access to the courts in the aftermath of an emergency.
Issues of personal safety, due process, and many other matters addressed everyday in the courts will still need to be addressed in the immediate aftermath of an emergency. If Courthouses in the Fourth Judicial Circuit are forced to close because of a disaster, the Home Page for the Fourth Judicial Circuit  will be updated with explanations of how various court functions will be handled. The updates will continue as long as conditions allow or until the emergency is over.
Although every emergency situation cannot be predicted, the Fourth Judicial Circuit has adopted procedures which provides for the Courts’ continued operation during emergencies to ensure access to the Courts and justice for the people, even in the aftermath of an emergency.