Fequently Ased Questions

What is the filing fee for an injunction?

There is no filing fee

Do I need an attorney?
You have the right ot hire an attorney to represent you, but it is not required

Can I file an injunction for protection if I did not report the violen to the police?
Yes. However, acts of violence should be reported to the Police Department

Can I file an injunction for protection on behalf of my child who is under eighteen years old?
Yes. Persons under 18 years old cannot file an injunction for protection without a parent or legal guardian present.

Can I request to have the final judgment modified, extended or dropped?
Yes. We have forms you may fill out.The motion to vacate, modify or extend will be forwarded to the Judge for a decision.

How do I notify the courts of my new address?
You may file a Notice of Current Address. You may find this form at the Florida States Courts website at (www.flcourts.org) or in the Domestic Violene Clerk of Courts office in room 2409.

What happens if I fail to appear in court?
The Judge has several options, which he may take, to include dismissal of the case or holding you in contempt of court.

Can I dismiss the injunction before the hearing?
No. You must appear before the Judge ans ask for a dismissal.

How does the person I file against get notified of hte hearing?
After the hearing has been set, we send copies to the Sheriff's Office for service on the Respondent.

How does the Sheriff serve the Respondent?
based upon information provided in your petition. Therefore, at a minimum you should include in your petition the respondent address, date of birth, and places the respondent may frequent.

What happens if the respondent violates the injunction?
You hsould immediately contact the Jacksonville Sheriff's Office and file a report. Once you have received a copy of hte Sheriff's report, you should contact the State Attorney's Office or call (904) 630-2400.