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  Frequently Asked Questions

Is the law library open to the public?

Yes, all are welcome to visit and use the library.
Does the law library offer tours?
Yes, Please call the law library to schedule a tour.
 What books does the law library have to help me with my research?
The law library collection includes many legal topics. Ask a reference librarian for help or use the Library Catalog to search the collection.
Does the law library have books to help the average person with a legal problem?
Yes. The law library has many self-help law books and other titles helpful to self-represented litigants.
Can I borrow books from the law library?
The law library is primarily a reference library and books are only circulated on a limited basis to attorneys.
Can a librarian give me advice on what forms I need to file in regards to my case?
Librarians are not authorized to provide legal advice. The librarians, however, can guide you to the resources that address your questions, facilitate your research needs, and educate you as to how the legal process and the library works.
How can I get copies?
Bring your materials to the front desk and the staff will make your copies.
Does the law library accept checks or credit/debit cards as payment?
The law library accepts CASH ONLY for payment
Does the law library have computers I can use?
Yes. The law library has computers available only for legal research; usage policies apply. The public can also print from the computers for a fee of $0.25 per page, $0.50 per page for color copies, CASH ONLY
Does the law library provide public access to WestlawNext and LexisNexis data bases?
Yes. The law library has WestlawNext and  Lexis Advance available to the public, attorneys and self-represented litigants while at the library.
Can I plug in my laptop at the law library?
Yes. The law library provides free wireless Internet access; and electrical connections are available.