Duval County Juvenile Drug Court

The Duval County Juvenile Drug Court program was developed and implemented under the direction of the Fourth Judicial Circuit in 1997 and has positively enhanced the lives of numerous substance abusing youths.  Juvenile Drug Court is a 12 month program consisting of 5 phases.  Treatment services take place in the form of residential, intensive outpatient, traditional outpatient and aftercare.  In addition to monitoring individual progress in treatment and school attendance/progress; Juvenile Drug Court provides intensive one-on-one case management to each participant.  Participants attend court frequently and the addition of intensive judicial oversight provides an extra layer of support and encouragement for each participant. Juvenile Drug Court also works with the family members and household during program participation to address needs of the family as a unit. Upon successful completion of Juvenile Drug Court, the Office of the State Attorney may dismiss the pending criminal charges. 
A full program description can be found in the Duval County Juvenile Drug Court Handbook (pdf)

When and Where

Duval County Juvenile Drug Court is held every other Wednesday at 3:00pm, in Courtroom 201, at the Duval County Courthouse, located at 501 West Adams Street. Jacksonville, Florida  32202.  The Honorable Gary P. Flower presides over the Juvenile Drug Court program.  All Juvenile Drug Court proceedings are confidential.