Duval County Adult Drug Court

The Duval County Adult Drug Court program was developed and implemented under the direction of the Fourth Judicial Circuit in 1994.  Non-violent felony offenses are eligible for diversion into Adult Drug Court, even if the offense itself is not drug related. In cases where the offense is not eligible for diversion, the Court has discretion to include Adult Drug Court as a condition of probation.  This reduces incarceration and offers offenders an additional opportunity at making changes to better their lives.  In many cases, the offense is a direct result of substance abuse or the need to support a substance abuse habit.  Adult Drug Court recognizes this and agrees that individuals with offenses that are not directly drug or alcohol related will benefit from the services offered in this program in an effort to instill permanent lifestyle change.  Adult Drug Court is a 12 month (minimum) program consisting of 5 phases. 
A full program description can be found in the Duval County Adult Drug Court Handbook (pdf)

When and Where

Duval County Adult Drug Court is held every Friday at 9:00am at the Duval County Courthouse located at 501 West Adams Street, Courtroom 212, Jacksonville, Florida  32202.  The Honorable Mark Borello and The Honorable Dawn Hudson preside over the Adult Drug Court program.  All Adult Drug Court proceedings are confidential.