Drug, Mental Health, and Veterans Treatment Courts

Room 2321 - Duval County Courthouse
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"What are Treatment Courts?"

Treatment Courts are court programs designed to reduce substance abuse and mental health instability thus reducing the chance of recurrence into the criminal justice and child welfare systems.  Treatment Courts include various types of Drug Courts and Mental Health Courts which focus on providing effective treatment services for substance abuse and mental health disorders along with intensive judicial oversight.  Review hearings take place within therapeutic court sessions and program team members receive specialized training to address non-violent disorder related activities in an effort to promote permanent lifestyle change.
In cases where the offenses are directly linked to substance abuse, unstable mental health disorders and/or cases where the removal of minor children from parental custody is a result of substance abuse; Treatment Courts offer an opportunity at developing the skills needed for long term sobriety/stability.  This is achieved by creating specialized treatment plans, frequent drug/alcohol testing, intensive one-on-one support/case management and judicial oversight and is based on the philosophy of a centralized substance abuse and mental health treatment program utilizing available community resources and support systems. Treatment Courts increase the efficiency of the court system by creating an environment that is conducive to substance abuse and mental health treatment and wellness, while ensuring the safety of the public at large.
The Treatment Court programs within the Fourth Judicial Circuit consist of a close collaborative relationship between the courts, prosecuting attorneys, defense attorneys, treatment providers, case managers, probation officials, community organizations and law enforcement.  The team works together, stepping outside of their traditional roles, in the interest of helping individuals work through and stay focused on a recovery program.
If you are interested in obtaining additional information or have questions about any of the Treatment Court programs located in the Fourth Judicial Circuit, please refer to the staff contacts section.