Court Programs

The links listed below are programs which the court has undertaken to fulfill its mission to the community in the 4th Judicial Circuit. Each program is designed to fulfill a specific need in the community. Family Court Services is a clearinghouse for different types of legal issues surrounding the family: divorce, mediation, name change, etc. Drug Court is a program which attempts to reach offenders before they proceed too far into the criminal justice system. These initiatives can be mandates from the State of Florida or the federal government. Investigate each link below to determine if that particular program is designed to meet your need.

Click here for Court Mediation (Alternative Dispute Resolution)

Click here for Dependency Model Court

Click here for Domestic Violence

Click here for Drug Court/Mental Health

Click here for Duval County Law Library

Click here for Family Court Services 

Click here for Small Claims Clinics

Click here for Teen and Truancy Courts