ADA Frequently Asked Questions

Question: How much notice do I need to provide to schedule accommodations at the courthouse?
Answer: Please request accommodation within two working days of receipt of a notice to appear at a court proceeding. Some accommodations, such as sign language interpreters and real-time reporting, require sufficient time to schedule. Please be prepared to explain the nature of your disability and suggest an auxiliary aid or service that will enable you to effectively participate in the court program or service.
Question: What services can the Court provide for persons with disabilities under ADA?
Examples are:
Assistive Listening devices
Sign language interpreters
Oral interpreters
Providing materials in large print, braille, diskette, or audio tapes
Reader services
Real-time transcription services
Question: What services is the Court not required to provide under ADA?
Examples are:
Transportation to the courthouse
Legal counsel or advice
Personal devices such as wheelchairs [1] or hearing aids
Personal services such as medical or attendant care
Readers for personal use or study
Question: Where can I get additional information?
Answer: The U.S. Department of Justice has an Information Line to call for additional information:
1-800-514-0301 (voice)
1-800-514-0383 (TDD)

[1] Although the Court is not required to provide wheelchairs, a wheelchair will be provided by the Fourth Judicial Circuit Court to persons who need this accommodation to access court facilities or participate in a court proceeding or event.